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Related post: the weak and unfit we are prone to push to the ultra
limit of survival and perpetuation of the weak and
unfit โ€” to heal the individual to the wounding of the
race. It is problematic just what measure of
wrongdoing will be charged up to us for thus
thrusting Nature aside, and only half filling her
place โ€” nullifying her laws without safeguarding
I New York
her ends. Yet, howsoever we may differ as to some
phases of the question, surely it cannot be main-
tained that we should serve our patients to the
immediate, direct hurt of others. Fair and good is
fidelity to interests we hold in trust. But certainly
there can be neither obligation nor right to cure or
relieve a sufferer by bringing harm to one or to
many. We have no right to heal, satisfy, or gratify
a man with a congested and prurient posterior
urethra hy degrading womanhood, demoralizing
society, and stigmatizing our kind. Rather than do
that, let the man he distressed and obsessed forever.
We must zealously protect our females โ€” as
knightly men we must do that. Women and chil-
dren first, is Nature's highest, holiest law. To that
law strong, brave men reverently bend on land and
sea. The world cherishes as a proud heritage the
memory of the heroes of the Titanic. And yet the
Minotaur of male lust exacts yearly a staggering
tribute of maidens. These powerful lines of Emma
Lazarus written of Rome may be ascribed to this
fell monster โ€”
The blond of myriad provinces is drained
To feed that tierce, insatiable red heart.
Would that our guild might be the Theseus of the
hour! But at all events, oh! may medicine in no
way lend itself to the consignment of girls to the
black sailed ships !
The medical specialist is all the time seeing the
worst things in his line. For this reason he is liable
to acquire an exaggerated impression of the numer-
ical and influential ratio of deformity. The special-
ist in sexual disorders might be led to suggest a
constitution of society that could find potential re-
quirement and application as to but a small fraction
of the mass of people. He, however, would have to
admit the theoretic superiority and desirability of
inviolate monogamic marriage, and acknowledge its
not rare realization. The family physician, espe-
cially the country doctor, would generally assert a
much greater, perhaps a prevailing, frequency of
such marriages. Goethe likened society to his glass
of beer; the froth on top, the dregs at the bottom,
the substantial and wholesome product in the mid-
dle. Plain, common folks outnumber and outweigh
all other classes. And this great middle class is
sound and sane โ€” in morals as in thought and
affairs. Upon its good sense and conscience, as
upon two bases of granite, society securely rests. A
highly compensating fortune of the general practi-
tioner is his intimate contact with the average fam-
ily โ€” it is a joy and an inspiration. Religious
doubter that he was, Ricord had conspicuously
hung in his bedroom a Madonna, that after the day
passed in scrutiny of venereal disease he might be-
fore sleeping look upon a picture of purity. The
family doctor cannot altogether share such a senti-
ment; pictures of domestic virtue, devotion, and
confidence are daily before his eyes. His is the
privilege of unrestrained access to a sanctuary โ€” the
simple home home, that consecrated spot, more
dear by far than any other, where fondest affections
are enshrined, where, under the enchantment
wrought upon the scene by the rapturously
breathed names of loved ones, the world's storms
are quelled and Eden blooms again beneath the sun
Sflow and azure f skies serene. The home- of
earth are its sweetening, saving salt. Still, with
dtie deference for the truth it cannot be said that
all of the exemplary family men found in model
homes were, during the gusty days of their young
buckhood, invariably found reading their Bibles at
the parental fireside by ten o'clock o' nights. Light
and leading earnestly, faithfully brought to bear
upon this peril beset period of lite will result in a
better showing.
What broadly varies from the normal is ab-
normal. What essentially departs from the physio-
logical is pathological. If a man's sexual makeup
is glaringly unlike that of the typical man he is not
specially developed, or overdeveloped, within nor-
mal line-: he is abnormally developed, and his con-
dition is pathological. Even the so called powerful
sexuality is the sign of weakness rather than of
strength. The conception of such a case as involv-
ing superior potency is allied to the conceit of the
man who proudly exhibited his chest as a paragon
of development, when in fact the poor fellow was
pigeon breasted to the degree of pitiable deformity.
Markedly prominent sexual abnormality implies
either sickness or degeneracy. Tangible patho-
logical processes and alterations in the sexual struc-
tures will explain many cases. In others the cause
is inscrutably hidden within the nervous system.
Environment impressing itself upon character and
habit will be the key in other instances. In still others
the faults must be attributed to heredity. Heredity
has no altar of atonement. With reference to the
moral fibre of one of England's greatest poetic
geniuses, a critic has said, "What Buy Alfacalcidol would you expect
in a man begotten by a satyr and born of a fury?"
Very pertinent to the point is Dr. Frederick Peter-
son's beautiful poem. Heredity. It portrays "a
ladye fayre." Here are some of the verses โ€”
But I, who meet her oft about
The woods in morning song,
J see behind her far stretch out
A ghostly throng โ€”
A priest, a prince, a lord, a maid,
Faces of grief and sin,
A high born lady and a jade.
A harlequin โ€”
Two lines of ghosts in masquerade.
Who push her where they will.
As if it were tin- wind that swayed
A daffodil.

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