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JJ'ashington, D. C, zvhosc article appears belozv.
By Neil D. Graham, M. D.,
Washington, D. C.
Oedema of the lungs is necessarily associated
with obstruction of the pulmonary circulation, to-
gether with a dilution of the blood plasma. This
obstruction may be relative, actual, or both relative
and actual. Relative in the cases where the heart
is so weakened by the toxines of disease as to
render it incapable of performing its duty ; actual
when the capillaries of the lungs are closed Cefadroxil 500 by an
inflammatory process, or an uncompensated valvu-
lar lesion exists ; or combined as in pneumonia for
example. In any case the indication is to relieve
the embarrassed heart.
In frank oedema the condition of the patient is
grave, and rarely can stimulation whip the tired
heart into an activity sufficiently forcible to over- Cefadroxil 250 Mg
come the obstruction. Venesection offers the most
logical and rapid relief. The operation is simple.
A bandage about the arm bound tightly enough to
impede the venous circulation and bring the veins
into prominence โ€” the chosen spot painted with
iodine, a sufficient antisepsis โ€” the vein cut across
with a clean razor. Simple pressure absolutely con-
trols the flow. Sixteen, or more, ounces of blood
may be allowed to escape. The benefit is marked
immediately, especially in cases where cyanosis is
deep. The general circulation is improved as the
load on the heart is lightened, and coincidently a
more rapid response to stimulation by mouth or hy-
podermically is obtained. Stimulants are now need-
ed. In toxaemias, our most important aid is physio-
logical salt solution. An amount equal to the
amount of blood withdrawn may Purchase Cefadroxil Online be introduced
intravenously or subcutaneously, or, if no needle Buy Cheap Cefadroxil is Cefadroxil Dose
at hand, twice this quantity by bowel, hot (from
too'' to 110ยฐ F.). Salt solution has a direct action
on the heart muscle, and a simple calculation shows
this further benefit. There is a poison circulating
in the blood, the toxine of the disease. Let its solu-
tion be represented by 100. Remove one eighth
the total quantity of blood and substitute salt. The
strength of the solution is now 873^. in other
words one eighth of the poison is removed and the
rest diluted. Salt also encourages diuresis โ€” the
natural method of elimination.
In nontoxic conditions salt is not indicated, but
when there is a poison present, whether the result
of bacterial activity Cefadroxil Tablets or faulty metabolism, salt is
If time is not too important depletion by cathar-
sis (salines) may be Buy Cefadroxil substituted for venesection.
It is undoubtedly less certain, slower, less control-
lable, and more depressing, but it may be effective.
When used it is perhaps better later to administer
salt by bowel by continuous irrigation Purchase Cefadroxil through a
catheter allowing the solution to flow slowly, i. e.,
drop by drop.
In general one must insist on i, fresh air; 2.
quiet; 3, protection from changes in temperature.
The continuous use of such stimulants as strych-
nine, alcohol, digitalis, or oxygen depends on the
ph3^sician's judgment of the need.s of the patient,
while the more fugitive but powerful and impor-
tant aids โ€” nitroglycerin and adrenalin โ€” may be
reserved for crises.
CEdema of the lungs discovered after deatli in
such conditions as grave anaemias or cholera is
coincident to Order Cefadroxil Online dissolution, and cannot be treated as
an entity. Prevention here lies in the proper hand- Cefadroxil 500 Mg
ling of the disease.
The New Berne.
Dr. George B. TzviteheU, of Cincinnati. Ohio, re-
But one Order Cefadroxil word is needed to state the proper treat-
ment of acute pulmonary oedema, and that one word
is โ€” phlebotomy.
Fabricius ab Aquapendente, the successor of
Falloppio. teacher of anatomy and surgery at
Padua, said in praise of the operation of broncho-
tomy, that the physician who performed this opera- Cefadroxil Dosage
tion was like the god .Flsculapius. Austin Flint
said of venesection : "Perhaps under no other cir-
cumstances is it more apparent that the physician

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