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With carbohydrates :
For two days 18-460 24-294
Average per day ' 9-23012-147
Second day 9-230 11-444
Without carbohydrates : |
For two days 18-460 29-298
Average Purchase Dostinex per day , 9-230 14-649
Second dav , 9-230il6-027
faces. Total.
3-276 Purchase Dostinex Online
27-570 โ€”9-110
13-785| -4-550
13-082! โ€”3-852
31-614'โ€” 13-154
15-807J -6-577
171851 -7-955
The faeces of the first two days contained 6-532 grammes of
fat and 611 gramme of carbohydrates; for the last two days,
4-193 grammes of fat. Dostinex Online
It will be observed that the eating of 57-69 grammes of
albuminoid material was not sufficient to maintain the nitro-
gen equilibrium of the body, but that on the second day
(when the body was fully under the influence of the diet)
the amount of nitrogen lost Generic Dostinex from the body was 3-852
grammes, corresponding to the decomposition of 24-074
grammes of albumin. Now, after the setting aside of the
carbohydrates (on the second day) there is a loss to the
body of 7-955 grammes of nitrogen, equal to a decomposi-
tion of 49-719 Order Dostinex grammes of albtimin. Hence, when 57-67
grammes of albumin are taken in the food, the leaving out
of 345 grammes of carbohydrates produces an increase in
the decomposition of albumin equal to 2o-645 grammes.
From this series of experiments it is clear that the
omission of the carbohydrates in the food brings about a
marked increase in the proteid decomposition ; the burning
carbohydrates serve to protect a certain amount of proteid
matter. It has been shown by M, Rubner, in Professor
Voit's laboratory, tliat the omission of the carbohydrates
always produces a relative increase in the decomposition of
the body's fat. In other words, a certain amount of non-
nitrogenous matter must always be burned with the nitro-
genous, in order to Dostinex Cost fulfill the conditions Buy Dostinex Online necessary for the
catabolism in the cells and in tlie tissues. When tlie sugars
are not burned, fat is attacked. Two Dostinex Tablets hundred and twenty-
nine grammes Dostinex Price of starch are Buy Cheap Dostinex in this relation the equivalent
of 100 grammes of fat. Hence, on leaving out the 357 or
348 grammes of carbohydrates in the above investigations,
fat Dostinex Mg must have Buy Dostinex been burned in the body to the amount of
156 or 152 grammes.
Pettenkofer and Voit, in their former investigations on Cheap Dostinex
the diabetic patient in comparison with the healthy indi-
vidual, have shown the following results when an ordinary Order Dostinex Online
mixed diet was taken. The food in each case was the
same :
Diabetic patient :
In the food . . ,
Destroyed ...
Change in the body . .
Healthy workman :
In the food ,
Change in the body. . .
Weak but healthy man :

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